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With over 30 years of progressive experience, Farahat & Co. Tax Consultancy emerges as an accredited and premier tax consultant in UAE. Our tax expert team is determined to furnish customized and holistic tax solutions that meet our clients’ distinct needs.

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UAE Premier corporate tax services

Farahat & Co. is an independent and accredited tax firm. We furnish streamlined tax services to individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, private investors, public bodies, and major international groups at varied stages of development. Our tax consultant Dubai are drawn from varying multidisciplinary industry backgrounds, hence enabling the firm to deliver premier and customized tax solutions. Coupled with a standing history and a firm relationship with UAE tax regulators, Farahat & Co. offers invaluable tax services to its valued clients, which include

Download Corporate Tax Law PDF   Cabinet Decision on  annual Taxable Income subject to Corporate Tax

Ministerial Decision No. 82 of 2023 on the Determination of Categories of Taxable Persons Required to Prepare and Maintain Audited Financial Statements for the Purposes of Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 on the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses.

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Value Added Tax (VAT) Services

VAT is a consumption tax, applied to goods and services throughout the supply chain whenever value is added from production to the point of final sale.

Value Added Tax (VAT) filing is often a complex procedure for taxable persons. To combat this, Farahat & Co.’s certified tax agents offer and implement effective VAT strategies which are streamlined to varied business frameworks. We offer review for assessment of VAT deduction, VAT group implementation strategies, VAT refund assistance, VAT optimization for financial sectors, and pro-rata application. Further, Farahat & Co. furnishes VAT adjustments for capital goods, offers assistance regarding transfer of business, VAT deductibility concerning intra–group services, and enforcing tax due diligence. To add on, VAT optimization for financial sectors and pro-rata implementation is no exception to our premier VAT services.

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Individual Tax Services

Farahat & Co offers accredited individual tax services. We furnish thorough tax inspections for individuals, preparation and submission annual individual tax statements and conducting effective tax audits for high-net-worth individuals. Moreover, we conduct tax residency analysis, preparation and submission of related individual tax questionnaires and issuance of tax residency certificates.

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It is essential for UAE taxable corporations and individuals to outsource accredited tax services to stay compliant to the Federal Tax Authority’s regulations and standards and to avert penalties for tax hold-up or noncompliance.

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With over 30 years of experience, we’ll ensure you always get the best service.

Q1. What is UAE Corporate Tax?

0% on the Taxable Income of AED 375,000 and below. No tax on Qualifying Income. 9% for Taxable Income not being Qualifying Income defined in Cabinet Decision No.55 of 2023.
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Q2. What is the Sole Purpose of Introducing Corporate Tax in the UAE?

The Corporate Tax reaffirms the UAE’s standing as a prominent global nerve center for business stake, moreover it expedites the nation’s advancement to attain its core policy. The introduction of the Corporate Tax regime pushes forward the UAE’s engagement to achieving global standards for tax precision and averting adverse tax etiquette.

Q3. Is the Corporate Tax Enforceable to Businesses in all the UAE Emirates?

The scope or enforceability of the UAE Corporate Tax extends to all the UAE Emirates; it is a deemed Federal Tax.

Q4. Who Are the Persons Subject and Exempt from the UAE Corporate Tax?

The UAE Corporate Tax applies to all UAE businesses and commercial activities that meet the set threshold, exempting the extraction of natural resources, which is presumed to remain subject to the Emirate level corporate taxing.

Q5. How Is the subject Net Income Tax Calculated under the UAE Corporate Tax?

The taxable income is the net profit or net income that is generated from a relevant business activity, this refers to the amount reported in the financial statements, prepared in full compliance to the approved accounting standards.

Q6. What Is the UAE Corporate Tax Rate?

The corporate tax rate is as follows:

    1. 1. A margin of 0% for taxable income up to AED 375,000.
    1. 2. A percentage of 9% for taxable income above AED 375,000.

Q7. Is a Private Person’s Salary / Income Subject to UAE Corporate Tax?

The UAE corporate tax is not enforceable on private person’s salaries and alternative employment sources of income.

Q8. Is Income Earned by a Foreign Investor Subject to the UAE Corporate Tax?

The UAE Corporate Tax is not applicable on foreign investor’s income from capital gains, interest, dividends and royalties.

Q9. Is the UAE Banking Sector Subject to the UAE Corporate Tax?

The UAE banking sector’s operation is presumed subject to the Corporate Tax in the UAE.

Q10. Under the UAE Corporate Tax Regime, is the Real Estate Sector Subject?

UAE businesses which carry out real estate management, construction, development, agency and brokerage activities are subject to the UAE Corporate Tax.

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