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Corporate Tax Residency Certificate for Natural Persons in Small Businesses

What is the Arm’s Length Principle for Transfer Pricing?

Arm’s Length Principle for Transfer Pricing

In line with global standards, the corporate tax law has introduced an extensive Transfer Pricing framework as part of its alignment with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines. Essential aspects of TP rules are stipulated in specific provisions within the corporate tax law, namely, the Arm’s Length Principle in Article 34, Related Parties and Control in … Read more

Documents Required for VAT Return Filing in the UAE

VAT Return Filing in UAE

Businesses are required to provide information about their sales and purchases to the Federal Tax Authority as part of the VAT return filing process. It involves figuring out the VAT requirements which takes into account the discrepancy between the VAT collected on sales and the VAT paid on purchases over a given time frame. The tax authorities … Read more

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Individual Foreign Tax Relief and Tax Treaties

Foreign Tax Relief and Tax Treaties

Double Taxation Treaties are bilateral agreements entered into by two countries to eliminate the possibility of an individual or business being taxed on the same income in both jurisdictions. Double taxation occurs when a person or entity is liable to pay taxes on the same income in two or more countries. To mitigate this issue, … Read more

How to Cancel VAT Registration in UAE

Cancel VAT Registration in UAE

Businesses must deregister from the VAT system, in instances where they cease conducting business activities related to VAT supplies. In the UAE, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) administers this process. Thus, to effectively cancel Value Added Tax Registration in compliance with statutory regulations, businesses should seek the expert services of top Tax Consultants in UAE. … Read more

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France-UAE Double Tax Treaty, All You Need to Know

France - UAE Double Tax Treaty

The double tax treaty signed between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the French Republic, effective from December 1, 1990, addresses issues of double taxation and fiscal evasion concerning taxes. It applies to residents of either or both countries and covers various taxes. In France, this includes income tax, corporation tax, social contributions on corporate … Read more