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What is the Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme and its impact on tax?

What is the Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme (ZGBP)?

The UAE government came up with the notion of a new program, Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme (ZGBP), which served as a revolutionary tool for improving the existing administration and ensuring a well-coordinated government structure. The objective of such initiative is to eliminate the double registration, aimless activities and other hostile conditions that impede the proper function of service delivery which may be complied with opting best Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme UAE Tax Services.

Objectives of the ZGB Programme

The main objectives of the ZGB programme can be summarized as follows:

  • Cancellation of a minimum of 2,000 existing government measures, rules, policies and requirements that cause bureaucracy.
  • Simplification and consolidation of similar procedures to remove duplication of work.
  • Deletion of the non-essential and needless actions or requirements in any given administrative process.
  • Reducing the time responses in government organizations for a number of their services and procedures.
  • The creation of transparent, user-friendly, and directly covering government procedures effectiveness. 
  • Instruction of zero-error method among public sector officials to allow for continuity and efficiency in service provision. 
  • Smooth transition in administrative operations through completion of the entire reform path by the end of 2024. 

The UAE government presents an ambitious plan that it says will turn various public processes and systems into state-of-the-art ones. The aim is to enable public service providers to become more effective, efficient, and accessible to both residents and businesses in the country.

Impact of ZGBP on Tax Services in the UAE

The execution of the ZGB programme is anticipated to be a fundamental change to the nature of tax-related services and the practiced administrative processes in UAE. Some of the key impacts are discussed below:

  • Simplifying tax procedures under ZGBP 

One of the main goals of the ZGBP is to streamline and consolidate the regulations. Consistent with this, authorities would be aimed at merging similar processes, deleting duplications and unnecessary steps in basic tax compliance cases such as tax registration, tax return filing, tax estimation, and payment. This will facilitate the improvement of tax regulations by making it much easier for taxpayers to understand and follow tax procedures. Consequently, intriguing multi-step treatments will be transformed into straightforward procedures end-to-end.

Comparison of tax return filing process

Application for a tax numberOnline tax registration
Tax number issuanceSingle online portal for all filings
Separate filing for VAT, CIT, etc.Common consolidated return
Physical submission of returnsOnline filing enabled
Manual processingDigital processing
No centralized trackingEnd-to-end digital workflow
  • Enhancing efficiency in tax administration through ZGBP 

These tax authorities will design a unified system that will automate processes to save time and to enhance efficiency. To avoid having too many fragments of tax departments spread around the city, they will be centralized in tax zones, allocated to certain zones for better administration.

A default taxpayers’ internet site will be created so that people can carry out the taxpaying process in one step. Digital case management tools will automate the distance-wide elimination of the manual yet systematic processing of tax cases. This will therefore lead to fast adoptions of tax compliance that will remove the delays and complicated manual interfaces.

  • Improving accessibility to tax services with ZGBP 

With the new ZGBP procedure, taxpayers will spot no hurdles in communicating taxes as the key aim of this protocol is to make tax compliance quick, simple, and comforting. The administration will capitalize on the digitalization of communication and provision of online services to ensure that location barriers and the accessibility of the tax offices will be expunged.


The taxpayers will be able to apply for the delivery of services online once they have logged in and through their personalized profile. This will facilitate both the saving of time and the avoiding of costs incurred for physical visits. Another feature that will be provided is translating services to multiple languages to take into account all groups of international companies.

  • Streamlining government processes for tax services 

ZGBP will be a transformational change in tax authority-taxpayer interaction within the UAE in the long run. Digital-driven protocols will ensure speedy processes, digitalization of tax services, and improved customer accessibility when undergoing the new tax system.

Simplified procedures and remote services, besides less complicated computation, are announced to make the tax compliance process much more convenient. Required compliance will be promoted, making society a tax-loving and voluntary one.



What is the Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme, and how does it aim to streamline government processes? 

The objective of the ZGBP is to get rid of the complexities in the government procedures by streamlining the process, removing bureaucracy and making it easier to reach the public services especially through digitization. It is to revolutionize processes by introducing efficient digital processes.

How does the Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme impact tax-related services in the UAE? 

The ZGBP is projected to guide the tax administration transformation process by advancing simplification of procedures, synchronizing departments, promoting digital service delivery, improving experience and making compliance easy, fast and efficient.

What specific changes or improvements can taxpayers expect in tax services due to ZGBP? 

Taxpayers should expect to transfer to a single online digital hub where digital tax compliance will be implemented. Procedures will be simplified as the steps will be fewer, and centralized processing will be done.

Are there any challenges associated with implementing ZGBP in the context of tax administration? 

Some of the challenges are the integration of legacy systems, enhancement of talent, guaranteeing the reliability, coping with legal amendments, promoting collaboration, effective implementation, risk management and so on.

How does ZGBP contribute to making tax procedures more efficient and user-friendly? 

The ZGBP enables efficiency through digitization, consolidation, simplification, centralization, automation, integration and business analytics at the same time, while improving ease of use.

What steps are being taken to ensure the successful implementation of ZGBP in relation to tax services?

Some steps involve forming dedicated workgroups, designing review processes, staffing, training, pilot testing, awareness programs, technology investments, detailed plans and performance measures.


The Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme being rolled out in the UAE promises to completely reform tax administration over the coming years. As bureaucracy is reduced and processes become more streamlined and digital, interacting with tax authorities will become simpler and more effective. The new systems being introduced under ZGBP aim to benefit all stakeholders involved in corporate tax in UAE. To ensure compliance businesses should seek the guidance of tax consultants dubai in order to get Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme UAE Tax Services.

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